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Edward Savio
Edward Savio thumbnail
Edward Savio Exceptional soundscape, beautiful building, and rhythmic notes. It feels rare and is one of the best "ambient" albums available. Looking forward to more instrumentals/ambiance from this Artist. Favorite track: New Beginning (Data Rebel remix).
M A B thumbnail
M A B Beautifully composed ambient-electronica! Elaborate and soothing melodies transport you into an emotional inner realm, while the non-dominant yet quite present rhythmic elements are welcome to remind you of the space-time continuum of “moments” - thank you!
Botrax thumbnail
Botrax Oh hellz yes... this music is divinely inspired. We are our body, but we are more than our body... THAT is where Planet Boelex reaches me, beyond the physical, right in the ether energies, an etheric truth from the godly dimension tickling memories of past lives, calling me home. Boelex is home. Favorite track: Disappointed Capacitor.
artycha° thumbnail
artycha° one of the best i enjoyed on bc
low key inspiration stimulating
and on the highest skills level
experience Favorite track: Moments.
Ed Buckley
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Ed Buckley This is very nice downtempo electronica that borders on ambient, although I'm sure the artist would dispute my use of the term "borders on". :-) The work of one Finn, most of his output, although not all, is quite similar to this, and is recommended for fans of the genre.
Willem Smit
Willem Smit thumbnail
Willem Smit Planet Boelex creates unique soundscapes that truly touch the inner part of my soul. Each track is like a story being told in waves of melodic seemingly random tones supported by a flow of low base fundaments. The music is low tempo yet highly energetic. I cannot appreciate enough the fact Planet Boelex releases his music for free, but I side note this with a highlighted statement that his music is easily worth any donation you can spare tenfold. This specific album has a higher meaning for me as my brother did the graphic art for this album.

Thank you, again, for this wonderful gift. I'm so happy and grateful for each single song you have made.

Warm regards,

Favorite track: Kleistpark.
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released June 10, 2015

Cover artwork by Mario Smit
Mastering by Christopher Leary at Melograf Mastering
Track 6 remix by Data Rebel




Planet Boelex Finland

Warm, melodic ambient music from the cold north. Written and produced by Oskari Sorri.

The releases are mostly Creative Commons licensed, freely downloadable and usable for non-commercial purposes (a credit is required).

For any commercial usage, please use the contact form.
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