by Planet Boelex

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Released on Soft Phase netlabel [sfp20] and Kahvi Collective [#336]


released August 30, 2013

Partial credits (full credits included with the download) :

Cover artwork: photography “The Tumble” by Giles P Croft,
image processing by Matt Whyman

Tracks 1-3 & 5-6 Mastering by Christopher Leary at Melograf Mastering
Track 2 Words & vocals by Lisa's antenna
Track 4 Words & vocals by Krister Linder
Track 4 Mastering by Christofer Stannow at Cosmos Mastering




Planet Boelex Finland

Warm, melodic ambient music from the cold north. Written and produced by Oskari Sorri.

The releases are mostly Creative Commons licensed, freely downloadable and usable for non-commercial purposes (a credit is required).

For any commercial usage, please use the contact form.
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Track Name: Planet Boelex & Lisa's antenna - Stay
Stay tonite
Be around all the hours to hold on
Sliding doors
In the call of the moment to be (with you)
Brought 'em up
Brought them up to your eyes
To show (you)
Take me out
Bring me out to the diners ball
You say you know me

Train starting running off your round
And now my gracious one
Don't fight them off all
And brought them up tonight and stating your fine hour
And when I go back and listen I find it's gone

Stay tonite
In the morning I start to know (you)
Give it time
Don't I know of the dark
I'll show (you)
Open up for the girl knocking on your door
(Endorse you to know me)
And say you know
What your friends will be waiting for
They call you in the night to say

Come now boy be our boy
Your kingdom come and gone
Where you're dictating from
Don't want to let you down
How can I show
Inside to tidy up all day as you ran from home

Piling bread in the early hour
Undemanding of your love
To buy and hour in your world
On your own

Blending all of those many times
You reached far beyond
Return to the being of the now


Being of the now
Track Name: Krister Linder - The Great Surrender (Planet Boelex remix)
Source of all I am and all that is
I turn to you
And know that you hear me
As I come from you
And you dwell in me too

Every breath and beat I got from you
I’m you manifest
Through and through
So hear me now
I’m ready to
Surrender somehow

Lucifer calling
The mother and son
I’m tired of being angry
And too weary to run
Madly ironic
That only your love
Was giving me space
To chose to rebel at all
Forgive me

Centuries I’ve rehearsed what to say
But things cool down along the way
Oh the length we go
Just to keep a grudge
Though it poisons our soul

There were times I thought I was winning
When I had them all spinning
Spiralling down
Oh so simple though

Lucifer calling the father and son
I’m tired of being angry and
I long to come home
Crazy ironic
That only your love
Was giving me space
To chose to rebel at all
Say how you want it
You’re all that I got
Knowing I’m free
To suffer or not
Forgive me

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